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The Modern Rain Garden


The Modern Rain Garden is an in-depth account of my personal experience with rain gardens over the past decade. Rain garden theory and methodology can differ greatly from one resource to the next, leaving readers confused over which one to believe, often leading to decision paralysis and a lack of action.

This honest and relatable account will empower readers to think critically so they can make their design and construction decisions with confidence.
My mission with The Modern Rain Garden is to demystify the concept and help readers take ownership over their rain gardens.

I have personally designed and built dozens of rain gardens through my venture AVESI Stormwater and Landscape Solutions using the method I have coined ‘Scrape, Shape, and Plant’.

AVESI landscapes manage precious rainwater efficiently and sustainably by using a combination of traditional landscaping methods and modern rain scaping principles to:

  1. Create beautiful, functional, and sustainable landscapes
  2. Manage rain where it falls
  3. Help keep properties safe from water damage
It is my pleasure to introduce you to Modern Rain Garden.

Michael Albanese